Bolt – FLEXIBLE virtual Assistant

DATE: 2022.12.25

First release of our very own virtual assistant is rolled out to stable release of rlxos GNU/Linux (2022.12.25 release).

This is the first experimental release of bolt to test the concept of implementing a virtual assistant that is enough light weight to be workable on any low end device and can work completely offline. The current implementation works on two simple algorithms – one for performing task and other for conversations.

  • Naive Bayes to calculate the probability of user intention behind the query, each intention is mapped to plugin that process that user query. Plugins are available at <datadir>/bolt/plugins/ and configurations via <sysconfdir>/bolt.json.
  • For any unknown query bolt with fuzzy search for the already known responses available at <datadir>/bolt/responses.txt.

User can easily configure the bolt behavior from the above details as per the requirements.

How to use

Using bolt is pretty simple, simply open the console and type you query with bolt prefix.

$ bolt hello

Certain flags can be added to manipulate the behavior of bolt response provided below.

-debugNAShow verbose output of calculations useful for debugging the behaviorbolt hey -debug
-trainPath to training fileTrain bolt with new data setbolt -train ./training.txt
-responsesPath to bolt known responsesThese are list of known responses uses for normal conversationsbolt -responses ./responses.txt some new thing
-modelPath to bolt modelSpecify the custom path to bolt modelbolt -model ./bolt-model
-plugin-pathAppend path to bolt pluginsThis flag add path to bolt plugin search locations, these plugins are mapped with intentions to perform specific tasksbolt -plugin-path /usr/share/bolt/plugins

Example bolt responses

$ bolt how are you
  I am doing well.

$ bolt what is ai
  AI is the field of science which concerns itself with building hardware and software that replicates the functions of the human mind.

$ bolt update my system
  Checking and applying system updates
  No updates found

$ bolt you are stupid
  No, we are superintelligent.

How to get Bolt

Receive the latest updates rolled out to both stable and testing release of rlxos GNU/Linux 2022.12.25.

Developers Portal

Build from source

The following build instructions are specific to rlxos and can be easily clone to any other Linux distro.

1. Setup development environment

$ sudo bolt switch ref:rlxos:devel          # reboot system

2. Get the source code

$ git clone

3. Compilation

Bolt is developed completely out of standard libraries, hence no need to any extra setup for requirements.

$ cmake -B build -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
$ cmake --build build

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