Checkout July highlights

2023.08.02: Bhavaan‌ Kathamasi



Highlights of July updates, These update brings forth a host of changes that touch upon various aspects of the operating system, creating a more seamless, powerful, and comprehensive user experience. Let’s delve into the key categories of these changes:

1. Core Component Upgrades
The heart of RLXOS has received a substantial upgrade this July. The foundational components have been elevated to newer versions, ensuring a robust core for the entire system:

  • Updated Linux Kernel – 6.3.8
  • Refreshed Freedesktop Base –
  • GNOME Interface Components – Version 44.x

2. Android Integration

  • Waydroid Android Container: The Android ecosystem is now at your fingertips within RLXOS, allowing you to run Android apps seamlessly.
  • Waydroid-script: Simplifying the process of enhancing Waydroid, this script introduces OpenGapps, Magisk, libhoudini translation library, and libndk translation library, expanding the range of Android apps you can utilize.

3. Performance and Enhancements

  • Platform VAAPI Intel Support: Accelerated video playback and rendering for Intel hardware users, promising a smoother multimedia experience.
  • Thunderbolt Support: Modern connectivity is at your disposal, allowing effortless management of Thunderbolt-enabled devices.

4. Completeness and Documentation

  • Manual Entries and Documentation: Navigate RLXOS with confidence, thanks to comprehensive manual entries and documentation.
  • Indic and CJK Font Support: RLXOS’s global reach expands with added support for Indic and CJK fonts, catering to users across different languages.

5. Interface Refinement

  • Optimized Gnome Animation: Experience a swift interface with a lowered Gnome animation slowdown factor, set at 0.75.
  • Dynamic Dash Functionality: The dash transforms into a functional dock, streamlining your desktop experience.
  • Enhanced Theme Switching: Seamlessly switch themes with libadwaita apps, ensuring a cohesive visual experience.
  • Fractional Scaling for Visual Precision: Achieve visual perfection with fractional scaling, enhancing display customization.