Play with Bolt

Bolt is our home grown Virtual Assistant currently in Experiment stage but you can still play with bolt, teach it to do stuff and much more.

Bolt works on a very simple Naive Bayes algorithm to predict the user intention and perform action accordingly.

Update System

You can ask bolt to update your core system or perform fixes or display detailed issue accordingly.

bolt update my system
Switch variant

You can switch to various variant of rlxos and to simple do that, ask bolt to

bolt switch x86_64/workstation

To switch to Workstation release or desktop for Desktop release

Tell me a Joke

If you feel bored, you can ask bolt to tell you some jokes.

bolt tell me some joke
Basic conversations

However training dataset of bolt is very very small, so bolt might not gave appropriate reply to all your queries.

bolt who are you
bolt can you die
bolt what can you eat

Or just try what are in your mind