Enhancing RLXOS's Reliability and Stability

Requesting for Bug Reports

Greetings RLXOS users, and A very happy new year to you all.

In our continuous pursuit to deliver a distinctive and independent GNU/Linux distribution, RLXOS, we've encountered unique challenges. Unlike other Linux distributions that benefit from inheriting fixes and optimizations from mature parent systems, RLXOS, being built from the ground up, doesn’t have this advantage. We need to resolve issues independently, managing with limited users and resources.

While we've extensively tested RLXOS across our testing devices, our testing capabilities have their limitations. This is where you, the RLXOS community, play a pivotal role. Your assistance in reporting any issues faced during or post-installation is immensely valuable to us.

Why Your Bug Reports Matter:

  1. Device-specific Challenges: Your experiences may reveal device-specific issues that our limited testing may not have covered.
  2. Ensuring Reliability: Identifying and resolving bugs contributes directly to fortifying RLXOS's reliability and stability.
  3. Community Collaboration: Your insights foster a collaborative community, working together for the enhancement of RLXOS.
  4. Feature Request or Ideas: You can share your view, ideas or feature request that might benefit the whole GNU/Linux community

How to Report Bugs:

When reporting a bug, providing detailed information enhances our ability to address and resolve issues effectively. Include specifics about the encountered issue and the device used during the installation process.

You can share your feedback or report bugs through:

  1. Github Issues
  2. Discussion board
  3. Matrix

or Write directly to us here

Our Appreciation:

We extend our sincere appreciation to each member of the RLXOS community. Your proactive engagement ensures that RLXOS continues to evolve as a reliable and stable operating system.

Together, let's shape the future of RLXOS!

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash