RLXOS Silaghana

Experience Rock-Solid Reliability in Every Update


The term 'Silaṇghana,' rooted in Sanskrit, embodies the unyielding hardness akin to stone. This concept perfectly encapsulates the essence of RLXOS, a project dedicated to delivering a software release as steadfast and reliable as rock.

Silaghana marks the major release of RLXOS, encompassing significant changes, exciting features, and the potential to break backward compatibility. Here's a glimpse of what Silaghana offers:

🖥️ Desktop Environment Switch: We've transitioned from GNOME to Xfce4.

  • Significantly faster and lighter
  • Simplified interface without compromising usability
  • Highly configurable to meet various user requirements

🔄 Swupd for Seamless Updates: Swupd empowers both developers and end-users to flexibly manage system updates via libostree.

  • Users can review update changelogs before applying them
  • Swupd facilitates temporary safe mutability within the system

🧹 Source Code Cleanup: We've refined the code for a smoother, more reliable experience.

  • Moved from buildstream to our in-house tool, ignite
  • With ignite, we can reuse all previous ports from RLXOS 2106 (stock of 4k packages)
  • From RLXOS 2306 we are using the freedesktop-sdk base. However, with ignite, we achieve complete independence over the core, ensuring full control

🖥️ Enhanced Compatibility: RLXOS Silaghana now supports a wider range of devices!

  • Better core control and build tool enables support for both UEFI and Legacy BIOS
  • Future plans include support for multiple architectures

🔄 Stable & Current: RLXOS Silaghana is not merely a point release.

  • Upstream is now more up-to-date, and stable updates are pushed per feature instead of a complete collection of changes

🔧 RLXOS Initial Setup: Say hello to RLXOS initial setup! An alternative to gnome-initial-setup for Xfce4, it smoothly guides users through setting up the Xfce4 desktop in an immutable environment.

🚀 How to Install: Interested in RLXOS Silaghana? Check out our installation guide for step-by-step instructions.

🐛 Know Bugs and Report: Report the issues you faced while installing and using rlxos Silaghana at discussions

🔧 How to Set Up: Get started effortlessly with RLXOS initial setup! Follow the guide for a seamless setup experience.

Note: RLXOS Silaghana is the new upstream channel for future updates from RLXOS. All other upstream channels are deprecated. Active channels are as follows:

  • x86_64/os/stable: Public channel for stable updates
  • x86_64/os/experimental: Internal channel for feature testing

To check status:

- Using swupd: $ sudo swupd status

- Using ostree: $ sudo ostree admin status

If the origin refspec is anything other than the above channels, execute the following commands to switch to the stable channel. However, we recommend a fresh install:

  1. $ sudo ostree pull rlxos x86_64/os/stable
  2. $ sudo ostree admin deploy rlxos:x86_64/os/stable