Test Upcoming features

Some cool features and bugs fixes are dragging in our Experimental variant mentioned below

  • Added support to NVIDIA Proprietary driver 525.116.04.
  • Added support to thunderbolt port.
  • Added zsh (as default shell) and plugins – ohmyzsh, zsh-autosuggestions.
  • Added lxc container runtime (can replace distrobox).
  • Added support to Waydroid (Android subsystem).
  • Added support for Intel Video Acceleration API and intel media driver

How to test on VM?

You can select the Experimental variant at Get Started. And Test it on VirtualBox, VMWare, Gnome Boxes or QEMU with UEFI firmware enabled.

How to Installed system?

You can switch the variant of rlxos to x86_64/experimental . Ask Bolt to:

bolt switch x86_64/experimental

And authenticate Bolt for the same.

It might take 10 – 20 min depending on your hardware configuration and network speed.

Revert back on previous?

To revert back on previous variant, you can again ask Bolt to switch to variant you want.

bolt switch x86_64/desktop

If you face issue while in booting system or unable to access console in the experimental release, then follow the steps below.

  • Reboot your system as start pressing the ‘e’ key as soon as you saw the vendor logo.
  • Once you are on the boot menu, select the ostree.1 or second boot entry to boot into previous system.
  • And then ask bolt to switch variant.