• 2023.05.26: Nvidia, Graphics & Android.
    2023.05.26: Nvidia, Graphics & Android.

    ChangeLogs Waydroid by default shows the Android virtual keyboard when selecting an input field. To disable that, and only use the physical keyboard, turn off the following setting: Settings > System > Languages & input > Physical keyboard > Use on-screen keyboard waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.multi_windows true/false (bool) Enables/Disables window integration with the desktop

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  • Test Upcoming features
    Test Upcoming features

    Some cool features and bugs fixes are dragging in our Experimental variant mentioned below How to test on VM? You can select the Experimental variant at Get Started. And Test it on VirtualBox, VMWare, Gnome Boxes or QEMU with UEFI firmware enabled. How to Installed system? You can switch the variant of rlxos to x86_64/experimental …

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    Play with Bolt

    Bolt is our home grown Virtual Assistant currently in Experiment stage but you can still play with bolt, teach it to do stuff and much more. Bolt works on a very simple Naive Bayes algorithm to predict the user intention and perform action accordingly. Update System You can ask bolt to update your core system …

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    Failed to update System

    If you are getting any error related to SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK or error: loading sysroot: openat(boot/loader/version): No such file or directory or not receiving any updates after 15 May 2023 then follow the guide to fix the issue GPG key issue SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key …

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