rlxOS GNU/Linux

An Independent, Safely Mutable and Privacy oriented OpenSource Operating System.


Open Source

Freedom to access, modification and/or redistribution.

Modern Technology

Most around the most upto date technology.

Privacy Oriented

None of your data is tracked, collected or stored in any way.

Highlighted Features

Keys features of rlxos GNU/Linux


Redefines the landscape of system updates, ensuring seamless, reliable, and secure operations for your infrastructure.

Atomic Updates

Employs atomic updates, guaranteeing a complete, reliable transition from one system state to another, minimizing the chances of failed updates or system corruption.

Efficient Versioning

Versioning system allows you to effortlessly roll back updates, compare different system versions, and maintain a consistent, reliable system state across your infrastructure.



[As a fallback alternative to missing packages] A new era in Linux distribution management, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities that empower users to craft, manage, and distribute tailored Linux distributions effortlessly

Effortless Management

Centralizes the management of custom distributions, providing a unified platform to organize, update, and maintain multiple variations efficiently.

Application Export

Streamlines the process of exporting applications, allowing users to package and distribute software effortlessly. Whether it's a single application or a suite of tools, Distrobox ensures seamless integration into custom distributions.


A powerful framework designed to enhance the user experience, streamline app management, and fortify system security.

Isolated Environments

Employs sandboxing techniques, creating isolated runtime environments that encapsulate applications and their dependencies, shielding your system from potential conflicts or vulnerabilities.

Secure Updates and Permissions

Delivers secure, reliable updates, allowing users to control permissions and access for each application, minimizing security risks and ensuring data integrity.

Does it support BIOS boot?

The post rlxos 1.x releases support both bios and UEFI boot schema and work perfectly on both type of systems.

Can I use rlxos standalone on my primary device.

Currently using RLXOS as a daily driver might have limitations due to device-specific issues and potential software gaps, making it more suitable for experimentation or with dual boot.

Help Needed

Support Development.

rlxos is a completely OpenSource and, free Operating System and protect the user privacy. You can provide your valuable support to help future development!