100% Free

rlxOS is always 100% free for both personal and commerical usage


rlxOS is fully opensource, only OSS drivers and packages are included in offical system image

Community Oriented

A helpul and Welcoming community for users and contributors


System Image

Unlike tradiational GNU/Linux implementations that extract system roots of storage drive, rlxOS just copy the packed system Image into the storage drive and boot directly for that image


Since there is not way to modify or damage system files, rlxOS could be the most stable GNU/Linux implementation

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Atomic Updates

Unlike updating packages one by one, rlxOS just simple download the new system image and boot from it

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Revert Back

User can anytime boot back into old system image or just clean the cache for factory reset

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App Image

A concept by probonopd, AppImages are self contained apps that didn't need any time of installation or system dependencies, just download and run


The key idea of the AppImage format is one app = one file. Every AppImage contains an app and all the files the app needs to run.

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AppImage format is ideal for upstream packaging, which means that you get the software directly from the original author(s)...

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AppImages can be downloaded and run without installation or the need for root rights.

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When rlxOS would be error 100% free?

In one word - never, with rlxOS we are continuosly trying different concepts and techinques to learn and help to improve the GNU/Linux implementations. For 100% Stability their are a lot of other distro avaliable that suits your need

When rlxOS support real hardware?

rlxOS is already support a lot of real avaliable hardwares, if you are facing any issue you can reach to our community.

Is it based on releax OS?

Yup! rlxOS is just releax OS with major improvements, different concepts and same crazy developers.


You can support the project.

We are doing everything free without asking a single peny from user, Any type of Support is most welcome.


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