rlxos GNU/Linux

A truly modern GNU/Linux implementation


Freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software


Source is freely available and may be redistributed and modified

Privacy focus

None of the user personal data is being tracked by system itself


#1 Immutable filesystem

More secure immutable roots filesystem managed by ostree.

#2 Sandbox Applications

Enjoy variety of sandbox applications/flatpaks directly from vendors with full control on permissions

#3 Atomic + delta updates

Safe atomic updates will keep the system up-to date and fast delta patches to save bandwidth and storage.

#4 Distrobox

Enjoy nearly ever other Linux distro inside fully managed lightweight containers with native performance.

Bolt – Virtual Assistant

A home grown flexible ML based personal virtual assistant to help to manage your system and day to day tasks.

Future ready

rlxos is designed to be ready for the future technology from its core.

Best for Touch Devices

Developed/optimized for modern technologies including touchscreen, convertibles / 2in1 laptops and tablets.

Our Targets

With the beginners as the targeted audience rlxos aims to be an entry point for new users and to those who just want to make their work done with Linux.

Rock solid and unbreakable.

A system that is not easy to break either by user or administrators via updates. And easy recoverable if something bad happened

Easy to use and manage

A system with beautiful interface that is easy to use at the same time and Need no documentation to manage.

Max out of Linux

Might not everything but A system that demonstrate the maximum functionalities of GNU/Linux operating systems. So that new users can dive into the ocean on distros.

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