rlxos GNU/Linux

A truly modern implementation of GNU/Linux operating system

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Independent Development

Unlike other distributions, rlxos is not a fork or modification of any existing distribution.

Immutable System

Completely immutable system with on demand mutability with overlays for safe and unbreakable system.

Modern Technology

Most upto date technology with stability makes rlxos future ready!

Why another distribution?

rlxos implements some unique features mentioned on the site that are not possible to put any existing distribution via package or patch script.

What is ostree, delta updates and atomic updates?

OSTree (or libostree) is a git like model but for operating system for versioning updates, delta updates are updates contains only the modifications to save the bandwidth, atomic update is an action that either be complete or get back to previous

Is it ready for production usage?

rlxos is pretty much ready for production and already used at a lot of places but due to lack of a bigger userbase it might have some un-founded system specific issues, but community is ready to fix them.

Is it good for beginners?

rlxos can be a good for those who are new to linux, and can work as a good entry point for users that are migrating from windows and mac.

Get Involved


Get Involved in community management, brainstorming, translation or other developments tasks and be a part of rlxos community