rlxos GNU/Linux

rlxos is a semi mutable, independent general-purpose distribution (slightly more focused on programming) with primary focus on “one file for anything” means one single file per application.

Overlay Protected Roots

System root is protected under overlay filesystem. All the changes are stored on a separate directory instead of modifying the roots.

App Images

System is well integrated to use App Images. Just download and place them in Applications directory inside your home folder.


PKGUPD is our homegrown extensible package manager with GPL-2 License. PKGUPD can support and handle any type of packaging format and Build tools (required supported module).


Our homegrown dynamically typed scripting programming language that helps you to automate your tasks.

Virtual Assistant

We have a virtual assistant that helps you in managing your system, tasks and other things that you teach.


System Health helps you to Inspect and manage both hardware and operating system health status and issues.

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