A Truly Modern Operating System

rlxos is a general purpose, privacy oriented and opensource operating system based on *Linux kernel.


rlxos is an independent GNU/Linux implementation, And doesn’t depends on any distribution for further development.

Open Source

All the source code and building guide is available at our Github page under GPLv3 Licensing.

Privacy Oriented

None of your data is collected by the OS or any Pre Installed Application. Your data is All your property.

*Linux Inside

Utilize the most powerful and secure monolithic *Linux kernel.

Rock Solid

With an Immutable base, rlxos provides the most stable and secure workstation that is hard to break.

AI Powered

Use the power of Artificially Intelligent virtual assistant – Bolt [Experimental!] ready to help you manage your system and automate your tasks.

Future ready Interface

The Most beautiful and future ready GNOME interface feels like Home. Best compatibility for Touch Screen and convertible devices.

Improve your productivity and get things done

With the self managed architecture of rlxos and safe atomic updates, You can focus on your work and productivity.

Ask Bolt to do things for you.

Get our of your fear of command lines with our home grown virtual assistant – Bolt.

Enjoy every *Linux distribution

Setup *Linux containers and get best out of every *Linux distributions.

Run Android* apps natively

Play your favorite android games with native performance directly on rlxos.

Latest posts

  • 2023.05.26: Nvidia, Graphics & Android.

    2023.05.26: Nvidia, Graphics & Android.

    ChangeLogs Waydroid by default shows the Android virtual keyboard when selecting an input field. To disable that, and only use the physical keyboard, turn off the following setting: Settings > System > Languages & input > Physical keyboard > Use on-screen keyboard waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.multi_windows true/false (bool) Enables/Disables window integration with the desktop

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  • Test Upcoming features

    Test Upcoming features

    Some cool features and bugs fixes are dragging in our Experimental variant mentioned below How to test on VM? You can select the Experimental variant at Get Started. And Test it on VirtualBox, VMWare, Gnome Boxes or QEMU with UEFI firmware enabled. How to Installed system? You can switch the variant of rlxos to x86_64/experimental …

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    Play with Bolt

    Bolt is our home grown Virtual Assistant currently in Experiment stage but you can still play with bolt, teach it to do stuff and much more. Bolt works on a very simple Naive Bayes algorithm to predict the user intention and perform action accordingly. Update System You can ask bolt to update your core system …

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